Celebrating local produce, food and beverages

The coastal plains and valleys of the Kiama District are blessed with reliable rainfall, rich volcanic soils and a range of topographies. These conditions make the area an ideal environment for primary production and an attractive destination for tourists.

The District has been and remains a centre for agricultural and horticultural activity. The rainforest was cleared by cedar getters, to be replaced by farming particularly dairy farming. In recent decades the number of dairy farms has decreased and there has developed a range specialist ventures, often focused on ‘organic’ production and value adding to the primary crops.

In addition, there has been a revival of interest in artisan or home manufacture of food and beverages. This is reflected in the popularity of cooking and lifestyle shows and the availability of equipment suitable for manufacture at the artisan scale.

Kiama Artisan Food Festival aims to celebrate local produce and high-quality specialist food and beverages, particularly those made from local produce. The Festival includes several interrelated activities over the weekend of 11th and 12th August at Kiama Show Ground and in the Pavilion.

1 Bong Bong St.

Kiama NSW 2533

Kiama Artisan Food Festival 11, 12 Aug 2018